A Complete Guide to Ethical Apparel Sourcing for Brands in America

The world has started to pay more attention to the ill effects of corporations and their unethical apparel-sourcing practices over the last few decades. The movement towards ethical sourcing has grown rapidly, and people are realizing that a change is long overdue. 

In an era of heightened consumer awareness, ethical apparel sourcing has become a fundamental cause for concern for clothing brands in America that are looking to cater to consumers’ wishes for sustainable practices.

What Is Ethical Sourcing?

Ethical sourcing relates to all industries but is especially prominent in the apparel industrial complex. This is because a majority of clothes sold in America are initially outsourced. Ethical apparel sourcing thus entails ensuring that the components used for manufacturing these clothes are sourced from ethical suppliers who abide by fair and just labor practices. 

Ethical suppliers typically:

  • Have humane labour practices
  • Have safe and secure working conditions
  • Promote non-exploitative policies
  • Are dedicated to environmental sustainability
  • Share social responsibility.

What Are the Two Kinds of Ethical Practices and Why Is It Needed?

There are two primary components to ethical garment sourcing: labor and environment.

1. Sustainable Practices for the Environment

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Earth.org reports that over 92 million tonnes of clothing ends up in landfills every single year, and the total emissions of the garment industry are set to increase by 50% over the next decade

Moreover, in the US alone, a staggering 11.3 million tonnes of clothing is discarded annually, ending up in landfills. 

With such concerning statistics, it’s unsurprising that consumers now demand transparency and responsibility in sourcing practices and environmentally friendly strategies from their favourite brands. 

2. Fair Labor Practises

Many fashion brands in America source their goods from international markets, where labor is cheaper, but the working conditions are typically unsafe and subpar. Some of the biggest problems include sourcing from suppliers who employ forced labour or, in some cases, child labour. 

It is critical to source from suppliers dedicated to ensuring that their workers are given safe conditions to work under and fairly compensated with a living wage. 

Some clothing brands have now decided to only tie up with manufacturers that pass the Fair Labour Association certification parameters. This means that their consumers are assured that the brands’ products were ethically sourced, not creating a moral dilemma while purchasing. 

Why is Ethical Apparel Sourcing Important for Clothing Brands?

Ethical textile sourcing has increasingly transformed into an industry standard for apparel brands. Here are some reasons why it is important for companies in the USA:

  • Having safe working conditions where laborers are fairly compensated leads to better products of higher quality, directly impacting sales.
  • With consumers being more conscious now, brand reputation can significantly improve if their sourcing practices align with customer morals.
  • Ethical apparel textile sourcing creates a much more sustainable and eco-friendly supply chain, reducing waste and carbon emissions.
  • Ensuring factory workers get a fair living wage and are treated with dignity is the correct and responsible thing to do. 

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Evaluating Ethical Apparel Sourcing Practices Among American Brands

Today, ethical apparel textile sourcing practices are no longer just a marketing gimmick but a social movement. In today’s consumer climate, ethical sourcing isn’t just an option for clothing brands but rather a way of operating.

A necessity driven forward by corporate responsibility, environmental consciousness, and consumer awareness, this guide serves as an entry point to understanding the subtlety of ethical sourcing practices. Brands can use this to establish themselves in a more conducive manner and resonate with their customers.  

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