Finding a Reliable Fashion Sourcing Company in the USA : A Handy Guide

Are you a brand in the United States looking for a reliable fashion sourcing company? You’ve come to the right place! Choosing the right supplier is an important step for fashion brands. It can help streamline the supply chain while assuring high-quality manufacturing.

This guide will give your brand an insight into finding an ideal destination for fashion sourcing and offer some practical insights to find the most reliable sourcing company for your business.


What’s Unique About Sourcing From America?

America is one of the biggest international fashion markets. According to the webpage IBIS World, the size of the American textile industry is valued at an astounding $42 billion.

With such an immense market comes a robust supply chain supporting it. Some advantages of fashion sourcing in America include better and safer labour conditions, higher quality raw materials, being at the forefront of the latest advancements in technology, and access to premium, upscale markets.

While America is an excellent place to source from, consider sourcing from other countries (like India, for example) that have a rich and diverse selection of multiple clothing fabrics and styles.


Five Aspects to Consider When Looking For a Reliable Fashion Sourcing Company in the USA

With such a wide variety of options, sourcing from America may seem daunting at first. Consider these five factors when looking for an American fashion-sourcing company.


1. Location of the Sourcing Company

When hunting for a sourcing company that suits your needs, it’s pivotal to consider location. Apparel sourcing companies should preferably be in a convenient location and have a reliable supply chain.

The better situated it is, the more easily accessible your manufactured products will be, reducing the risk of time delays and transportation costs.


2. Assessing Reliability and Expertise

Assessing your suppliers’ reliability, expertise, and track record goes a long way in determining the quality of your finished products. Ideally, you should hunt for sourcing companies with well-established track records in the fashion industry.

Do a bit of research on your sourcing company to understand their level of experience in dealing with your specific clothing category. One way to do that is by requesting demo pieces of their past projects and samples of the product you want manufactured in bulk.


3. Reputation Is Key

The fashion industry, as you are well aware, is actually quite a close-knit community. Sourcing from a well-reputed company helps your brand stand out.

You can check the textile sourcing company’s reputation through online reviews, testimonials from previous clients, and rating parameters to gauge and make a better decision.


4. Open Communication Channels

An important aspect to consider when selecting a reliable fashion-sourcing company is open communication channels. They should be easy to communicate with and show transparency while discussing the company’s requirements.

Be sure to choose a sourcing company that has multiple channels of communication. It is important to convey your brand’s quality expectations and guidelines so they can be adhered to.

This will also reduce miscommunications and lapses on their part, which can prove quite costly for you.


5. Contracts and Documentation

Lastly, contracts and documentation play a vital role in the sourcing process. Before placing any orders, draw up a clear and precise contract with all the required details to safeguard against legal troubles.

Some important things to include in your contract are delivery deadlines, payment cycles, quality assurance guarantees, defect resolution systems, and terms and conditions.

Moreover, within the fashion sourcing industry, there are certain documents that your sourcing company should provide along with the final manufactured products. These include:


    • Itemised list of all components sent for delivery
    • Fumigation certification for pest control assurance
    • Certificate of origin to ensure products made by them
    • Bill of lading for shipping details


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Future Outlook for Selecting Reliable Fashion Sourcing Company in America

Selecting the right fashion-sourcing company is often accompanied by a tedious task list and multiple decisions. By following this guide, you can select the right fashion-sourcing company which will help you build your clothing brand.

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