Case study

A Journey of Brand Growth and Transformation

At Saraogi Super Sales Pvt. Ltd., we pride ourselves on being a catalyst for growth and progress in the fashion industry. Our portfolio is backed by 16+ years of real-world results, including helping various retailers reach a market beyond their expectations.We’ve not only revolutionized the sector with comprehensive sourcing solutions but also uplifted many of our retailers’ businesses by providing them with a global platform to showcase their merchandise. Here’s how we at Saraogi Super Sales Pvt. Ltd. created a mutually rewarding relationship with our retailers and customers. One of the many success stories associated with Saraogi Super Sales Pvt. Ltd. (SSS) comes from the retailer brand Apna Fashion. Here’s what they have to say.

SSS is one of India’s leading B2B marketplaces and top garment export houses, providing top-grade quality garments:- Brand Name: Apna Fashion

We started Apna Fashion out of UP. With humble beginnings, we grew into a renowned dealer in women’s apparel, selling kurtis, kurta sets, salwar sets, readymade garments, and more.


This success story is a testament to SSS’s commitment to constant growth, excellence, and innovation in India’s garment sourcing industry.

Sales growth

We experienced a 25% increase in sales within 1.5 years of being associated with SSS.


SSS provided the perfect sourcing strategy to us by offering us an end-to-end sourcing solution, which included consultancy, product selection, customization, and prompt delivery.


With access to SSS’s robust network, we were able to expand to tap into new markets and reach a larger supplier base, resulting in a significant increase in sales and a smarter system of logistics.

Managing orders

SSS’s online portal and mobile app also provided real-time updates on orders, billing, and delivery status, making it easy for us to track when our products reached the end consumer.