Clothing Supply Chains in the USA [Everything You Need To Know]

The world has experienced massive changes in clothing supply chains over the last two decades. This evolution of the apparel supply chain has led to increased globalisation and interconnectedness. This blog will cover all the crucial topics about the clothing supply chains in the USA.

What Does Clothing Supply Chain Mean?

A supply chain traces all the components in the production of any item or product. The clothing supply chain refers to the interconnected network of businesses and services involved in getting clothes to the customers.
This entails designing, manufacturing, distribution, sourcing and retail marketing. With increasing globalisation, supply chains nowadays boast a blend of domestic as well as global sourcing methods. This interwoven process is responsible for bringing us our favourite clothes.
India’s textile industry ranks highly as one of the world’s largest producers and exports of garments, clothes and other fashion products. This is why some of the world’s largest and most popular brands source their products from this country. Brands such as GAP and IKEA are some of the famous names that source their garments from India.

A Look Into the Clothing Supply Chain in America

With one of the most robust and complex clothing supply chains, America is one of the largest markets in the West. From fast fashion to wholesale clothing, this supply chain efficiently caters to the ever-growing demands of its customers.
According to Bilkent University, the size of the US apparel supply chain is massive, comprising over 22,000 companies and over half a million workers. Here is everything a conscious consumer like you would want to know about apparel sourcing in the United States of America.

Textile and Apparel Sourcing in the American Supply Chain

Sourcing is a central aspect of the clothing supply chain in America. It plays a fundamental role in ensuring smooth and streamlined production and distribution of garments and other fashion products.
Textile and apparel sourcing can be quite capital-intensive, hence sourcing from the right place is important. As detailed above, a lot of companies in America source their garments from India. Where the apparel is sourced from will depend on various factors. These are:
Texture of the material required:

Number of orders
Supplier tie-ups
Delivery schedules
Production and labour costs

Sourcing fits into the American clothing supply chain in several key ways.

1.Supplier Selection

Supplier selection is a critical step in the supply chain process for any business, especially for fashion companies. SSS have 5000+ Supplers.
Choosing the right suppliers can significantly impact the quality, cost, and timeliness of the products being produced.

2.Procuring the Materials

Once the company selects a supplier, the apparel sourcing process then entails procuring the needed items and materials from these suppliers. During this stage of the supply chain, the company will negotiate contracts, finalize budgets and place an order for the clothing.

3. Quality Control

Textile sourcing has a distinct role to play in the quality of the final product as well. For the manufacturer to be able to produce good quality garments, the company must ensure that the materials they sourced meet the quality standards set by the brand. If the materials they sourced are not up to the mark, it can lead to missing customer expectations and disastrous reviews.
Conversely, sourcing good quality materials enhances the customer feedback, and ensures they turn into loyal consumers. One way companies can do this is by quality control checks and inspections to identify any defects or flaws.

4. Logistics and Delivery

Lastly, sourcing also involves coordinating the logistical and transportation side of things. Sourced materials from suppliers need to be delivered to manufacturers and, ultimately, to distributors, wholesalers or retailers. Efficient logistics are fundamental to keeping up with delivery timescales and ensuring that the product reaches the intended target on time.

Revolutionising the USA’s Clothing Supply Chain: A Recap

America is a pioneer when it comes to robust supply chain management in the textile industry. It is home to some of the most iconic and legendary apparel brands. Their clothing supply chains involve a complex interplay of designing, manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution, putting them at the forefront of fashion. Sourcing plays an especially integral part, serving as the backbone of this clothing supply chain.
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