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    Saraogi Super Sales Pvt. Ltd.

    Saraogi Super Sales is a prominent B2B apparel textile sourcing platform in the USA. We bridge the gap between global clothing merchants with our robust apparel supply chain and specialize in ready-to-wear clothing, traditional sarees, and other apparel. As a leading merchant exporter in the USA, SSS prides itself on its transparent sales practices, solid business ethics, exceptional customer service, and robust financial stability.

    Bringing over 16 years of industry expertise to the table, we bring unparalleled proficiency in sourcing, merchandising, purchasing, and trading to the table. Come explore the vibrant world of fashion with Saraogi Super Sales.

    Diverse Range of Apparel

    Delivered Across the Globe

    Looking for top-tier apparel sourcing in the USA? SSS is where elegance meets comfort. Indulge in the finest selection of women’s clothing. From traditional clothing to contemporary styles, our collection captures the essence of fashion and makes a lasting impression on every occasion. As one of the top garment-buying houses in the USA, we ensure that only the best in women’s clothing reaches your store.

    As a leading merchant exporter in the USA, SSS redefines style. Discover a range of men’s apparel that marries sophistication with comfort. Elevate your fashion game with our curated selection of garments that embody modern trends and timeless elegance. With a strong knowledge of the fashion industry supply chain, we guarantee the latest trends in top-of-the-line men’s apparel.

    Dressing the future gentlemen of tomorrow. SSS offers a distinctive collection of boys’ wear that combines style and durability. Our range includes everything from casual outfits to formal ensembles, ensuring that young boys are always dressed to impress. With a keen eye on quality and design, we provide parents and retailers with the best choices in boys’ fashion through the best apparel sourcing in the USA.

    Where childhood dreams meet fashion fantasies. SSS’s clothing supply chain brings you a delightful array of girls’ wear that sparkles with charm and creativity. From playful dresses to comfortable everyday wear, our collection captures the essence of childhood innocence while embracing the latest fashion trends.

    Our Services


    Our clothing supply chain connects you with prime resources so that you receive the finest quality products every time. We ensure every garment sourced goes through a thorough quality check. Your customers’ satisfaction defines our success, which is why we guarantee quality in every quantity.

    Logistics & Delivery

    Our end-to-end support ensures hassle-free delivery, efficient route planning, and comfortable accommodations, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters. Expect smooth orders, timely deliveries, and reliable communication throughout the entire logistics process.


    Unlock personalized business consulting services tailored to your unique needs, goals, and challenges. Our seasoned sales professionals are here to guide you to success in the fashion industry. With years of experience in our belt, we at SSS are equipped to guide your garment business with high-converting results.

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    So, Why SSS?

    Unbeatable Prices

    Get the most bang for your buck with SSS. We offer you the most cost-effective solutions for your clothing business. We make painstaking efforts to understand your requirements and the market flow.

    Wide Selection

    Get spoiled for choice in a wide world of fashion apparel. SSS understands the importance of variety in the USA’s apparel sourcing market, which is why we bring you variety that your customers will appreciate.

    Quality First

    SSS is where excellence meets fashion. We perform a detailed inspection of every item before delivering it to your doorstep. With SSS, you can expect high quality in every quantity.

    Logistics Support

    SSS is your partner in seamless apparel sourcing in the USA. With efficient planning and well-planned delivery routes, you can expect timely deliveries, dependable communication, and a streamlined logistics process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the minimum order quantity for garment sourcing in the USA?

    We get that when it comes to buying clothes, each situation is different. That’s why we let you pick how many clothes you want to buy based on the specific item and where it’s coming from. 

    At SSS, if you’re in the USA, we’re flexible about how many clothes you can order. You can choose the amount that suits your business needs. We treat all kinds of businesses the same, whether they’re big or small. So, we set a very low limit on the smallest number of clothes you can order.

    What kind of garments can I source from your company in the USA?

    We’re a well-known clothing maker and exporter in the USA. You have a big selection to pick from – over 15,000 brands and 5,000 suppliers.

    We’ve got clothes for men, women, sports, pregnancy, the beach, kids, accessories, and more, in all sizes and for all ages.

    You can order clothes in different styles, sizes, and prices that fit what you want. This way, our customers in the USA can get exactly what they need.

    Can you provide samples before placing a bulk order in the USA?

    At SSS, we get that buying a lot of stuff all at once is a big deal. That’s why we let you ask for product samples before you buy a bunch of stuff in the USA. 

    This way, you can check out our products and see if they’re good quality. Our team makes sure to send these samples quickly to our clients in the USA when they ask for them. This helps you make a smarter choice about what you want to buy.

    Do you have any sustainability or ethical practices in place for garment sourcing in the USA?

    To keep our promise of being eco-friendly and fair in the USA, we make sure we get our stuff in a responsible way. We pick suppliers who care about the same things we do and follow strict worldwide work laws and fair production rules.

     We don’t stop at just buying stuff responsibly. We also make sure our USA employees are treated right, with respect, and work in safe and good conditions.

    What are the payment terms and methods available for garment sourcing in the USA?

    At SSS, we want to make it easy for our customers to pay. Our team will help you pick the best way to pay that’s easiest for you. We want to make sure paying is smooth and worry-free for you.

    How can I be sure of the quality of the garments you source in the USA?

    In the USA, we really care about having top-notch quality. We’ve been doing this for over 16 years, and we have more than 4,000 loyal customers because we never compromise on quality. 

    We have very strict rules and checks in place to make sure all the clothes we get in the USA are the best they can be. Even though we work with trusted companies, our experts keep checking to make sure SSS only delivers the best stuff in the USA.

    How long does it take for my order to be delivered in the USA?

    At SSS, we know that how quickly you get your stuff can depend on things like how much you order, how complicated it is, and where in the USA you want it sent. But don’t worry; we’re really focused on making sure you get your things fast.

    If you’re in the USA and you’re our customer, you can trust us to give you the right times for when your things will arrive, and we’ll make sure they show up on time. Our team takes care of shipping, whether it’s in the USA or somewhere else. This way, we can speed up your delivery in the USA.

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