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Saraogi Super Sales

Your Ultimate Destination for Quality and Reliability

Saraogi Super Sales is one of India’s largest B2B marketplaces for garment sourcing. We connect buyers and suppliers across the globe with India’s vast resources. As a pioneer in the readymade garment, saree, and apparel sourcing space, SSS stands tall as a premier channel partner and garment-buying house built on transparency in sales, reliable business ethics, excellent hospitality, and financial prowess.

With over 16 years of industry experience, our sourcing, merchandising, buying, and trading remains unmatched.

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Our Journey

  • The company debuted at a garment fair in 2007 with an extravagant collection.
  • With a humble beginning of just five employees and a quaint little office in Gandhi Nagar, we set on a journey driven by boundless enthusiasm, transforming us into a thriving global brand over time.
  • With a trailblazing approach to customer connection, we revolutionized the industry by connecting with clients through domestic tours, and continue to innovate by providing international excursions.
  • We take pride in offering exclusive business development seminars that empower our clients with valuable knowledge and expertise, setting us apart as true industry leaders.
  • Our flourishing presence, spanning 15 branches nationwide and a team of 300 dedicated employees, enabled us to diligently serve a vast network of 4,000 loyal customers as of 2023.

Our Vision

As we work relentlessly towards improving the fashion trade, we envision that Saraogi Super Sales will be the epitome of sustainability, creativity, diversity, and quality in the future.Being industry leaders, we have a profound appreciation for this trade and work tirelessly every day to provide groundbreaking solutions that enrich the world and surpass our clients' expectations.

Our Mission

Saraogi Super Sales’ remarkable achievements testify to our unwavering commitment to excellence. With the objective to revolutionize the fashion industry by providing sustainable, ethical, and high-quality clothing to the world, our mission is to:
Attain the highest standards in service, quality, reliability, safety, and customer care.
Be a technology-driven, resource-efficient, and financially sound organization.
Encourage ideas, talent, and value systems.
Work with boundless energy, dedication, and innovation to consistently achieve high growth and productivity.
To uphold our ultimate aim of keeping our customers thoroughly content by working with vigour, dedication, and innovation.
Foster a work culture that thrives on individual growth, team spirit, and creativity, enabling us to collectively overcome challenges and attain goals.
Make Saraogi Super Sales a respected household name by establishing trust and confidence with all stakeholders and exceeding their expectations.
Adhere to the fundamental values of trust, transparency, and integrity in all aspects of our business activities.

Our Values


Our professionalism, business ethics, and reputation reflect high standards of integrity. We strive to deliver nothing but quality based on the principles of integrity without compromising our connection with customers, employees, partners, and communities.


We believe transparency is a fundamental value that underpins all our actions and interactions. Hence, we leave no stone unturned in offering clear counsel, exploring viable financial options, and building credibility with our customers without any ulterior motive.

Quality of Service

We strive to provide exceptional standards of service that exceed our client’s expectations. We stay ahead of the competition by streamlining reliable shipment services, around-the-clock support, and high-quality production.


We believe honesty is the key to building a successful and sustainable business. We’re honest in our trade and openly communicate with our stakeholders to build the highest level of trust and foster long-term relationships.

Customer Focus

We weigh our success on the satisfaction of our customers. We actively seek customer feedback and use it to continuously improve our products and services, creating a customer-centric culture that puts our customers at the center of everything.

Connecting Exclusive Brands with Exceptional Customers

We make sourcing smarter. Here’s what sets Saraogi Super Sales apart from the competition.

Effortless Logistics

Enjoy a stress-free sourcing experience with our end-to-end logistics support and hospitality. From efficient route planning to comfortable accommodation arrangements, we take care of every detail so that you can focus on what matters most — your business.

Sales Expertise

Our team of seasoned sales professionals carries a wealth of experience in the garment sourcing industry, offering you personalized business consulting services tailored to your company’s unique needs, goals, and challenges.

Customer Support

Our mobile app and 24/7 support on WhatsApp keep you connected with every phase of the process. From real-time payment confirmation and courier tracking to instant assistance for unparalleled convenience — the entire process is a seamless sourcing experience.

Transparent Accounting

Our centralized banking and billing services ensure 100% financial transparency, while real-time payment confirmation ensures peace of mind. Our purchase bills and profit margins are easily accessible to clients, demonstrating our commitment to promptness and integrity in business.

Development Seminars

As thought leaders in the industry, we share knowledge and drive innovation through our business development seminars. With our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and industry developments, you can trust us to keep you up-to-date so you remain at the forefront in your field.

Exciting Discounts

Enjoy exciting discounts on top of our unbeatable prices. Under exciting seasonal schemes, we offer our customers various goodies, including gold or silver coins.

From the Chairman’s Desk

The success of Saraogi Super Sales is proof of our achievement in becoming one of India’s top channel partners and garment sourcing companies.
For more than 16 years, our success has been attributed to our dedication to delivering only the best. The cornerstones of our vision are hard work, open communication, and a strong commitment to honest business practices.
The mission and values of our business—providing excellent services and striving for perfection through constant improvement—have assisted Saraogi Super Sales in building a reputable vendor network and client portfolio. This includes some of the most well-known names in the international apparel industry. Our success is owed to the team’s unwavering efforts and our customers’ constant assistance.
We envision a future of shared progress with our clients, achieved through collective growth that empowers us to be assertive, vigorous, and expeditious in all our ventures.
We deliver quality on par with international standards and operate in a manner that exceeds our stakeholders’ expectations.
Because we’re in a financially strategic position, we can quickly turn around projects while maintaining client relationships wherever they may be on the globe. This is all thanks to our extensive resources and flexible network.
Despite our ambition, we strive to create a work culture where everyone is encouraged to grow personally and professionally — all this while we work together to achieve a common goal. We promise to keep rising to new heights as we uphold our core values of transparency, honesty, and trust!
Saraogi Super Sales wants to surpass its points of excellence and set innovative business standards for our clients.

—Rajesh Saraogi

Meet the Team

Behind Our Success

Our team consists of passionate and driven professionals dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality to our clients.
From seasoned veterans with years of experience to our bright and ambitious newcomers; each individual has played a pivotal role in our substantial growth over the years.
We cultivate a rewarding environment for the team, with ample opportunities for growth and development, and recognition for outstanding performance.

Mr. Sanjay Saini

Mr. Sanjay Saini

Delhi Gandhinagar (H.O.) Manager
Mr. Ajay Kumar

Mr. Ajay Kumar

Ludhiana (B.O.) Manager
Mr. Deepak Jain

Mr. Deepak Jain

Delhi Chandni Chowk (B.O.) Manager
Mr. Praveen Tulsyan

Mr. Praveen Tulsyan

Metiabruz (B.O.) Manager
Mr. Gaurav Kariwal

Mr. Gaurav Kariwal

Bada Bazar (B.O.) Manager
Mr. Jitendra Yadav

Mr. Jitendra Yadav

Kanpur (B.O) Manager
Mr. Gopal Pareek

Mr. Gopal Pareek

Ahmedabad (B.O.) Manager
Mr. Bajrang Sewag

Mr. Bajrang Sewag

Mumbai (B.O.) Manager
Mr. Anshul Singhal

Mr. Anshul Singhal

Tank Road (B.O.) Staff
Mr. Ritesh Sanchety

Mr. Ritesh Sanchety

Jaipur (B.O.) Manager
Mr. Vishal Tripathi

Mr. Vishal Tripathi

Nagpur (B.O.) Manager
Mr. Vipul Jain

Mr. Vipul Jain

Bangalore (Manager)
Mr. Kunal Singh

Mr. Kunal Singh

Tiruppur (Manager)
Mr. Akash Gogade

Mr. Akash Gogade

Indore (Manager)