7 Avoidable Mistakes When Sourcing Textile and Apparel Products in the USA

America is one of the largest apparel markets in the world (making it an excellent choice for apparel sourcing), with the approximate size of the industry being pegged by IBIS World at a whopping $42.4 billion as of last year.

Sourcing textile and apparel products in the USA boasts numerous advantages, such as getting higher quality goods against cheaper manufacturing costs, access to the latest technologies, and proximity to more profitable markets.

When apparel is sourced cleverly, it can also save a business a lot of time and money. This blog will examine seven avoidable mistakes when sourcing textile and apparel products in the USA.

7 Mistakes to Look Out For When Sourcing Textile and Apparel Products in the USA

Let’s explore the seven common mistakes companies can avoid to ensure a seamless sourcing experience.

1. Smart Apparel Sourcing Strategies

The first step is having a smart and efficient sourcing strategy. This involves figuring out which country you want to get your materials from and how to find suitable suppliers for your materials. 

This decision is influenced by factors like the quantity of goods required, your company’s budget, and the time constraints you are operating under. All of these factors are essential in zeroing in on which supplier is the best fit for your textile materials. 

2. Skipping Verifying Your Suppliers

Once you are clear on the type of products you need to source, don’t rush to place your order just yet. Doing your homework and due diligence before placing your order can save you from making a costly mistake. 

Remember to evaluate the supplier’s experience, production capabilities, and expertise. Additionally, you may even request a sample to get a better idea of their manufacturing quality. 

3. Over-Importance on Cost

Another prevalent yet avoidable mistake businesses make is the over-importance they place on sourcing fees. While reducing production costs is a great way to improve profitability and margins, it isn’t the only factor. 

Choosing the premium option might actually be beneficial for the business in the long run, helping the brand differentiate for its product quality and durability among its competitors. Do not overlook your suppliers’ shortcomings just because they offer you better deals and discounts. After all, you get what you pay for. 

4. Ignoring Compliance Regulations

It should not come as a surprise that the apparel-sourcing industry is heavily regulated. Apparel supply chains are frequently monitored, and compliance regulations relating to safety, environmental standards, and labelling are in place. Neglecting these can amount to costly legal challenges and long-term damage to the brand’s reputation.

5. Ensure Quality Checks

Do not rely solely on the initial samples provided; consistently carry out quality checks throughout the production process.

Neglecting to carry out standard quality control checks can lead to you getting a batch of subpar products with defects or inconsistencies. In extreme cases, it might even lead to your company having to reject the entire shipment.

6. Failing to Address Communication Gaps

Effective communication is crucial to successful apparel sourcing. Communication gaps can lead to misunderstandings, mistakes in specifications, or delivery timeline disputes. 

Another common mistake is overlooking language barriers as well as time differences, which could further complicate the process and cost you dearly. 

7. Protect your Intellectual Property

The last, and perhaps most avoidable, mistake on this list is failing to protect your brand’s intellectual property. Logos, unique designs, or specific branding styles are all important to a brand’s identity. Neglecting this can lead to counterfeiting or unauthorized use. A legal expert can help patent your IP to protect your product from such issues.  

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