Our Events

Fashion Shows

Saraogi super sales organise fashion shows in the main garment markets such as Delhi, Kolkata, Ludhiana, and Patna to introduce the latest fashion trends and styles.

Exhibitions/garment fairs

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We organise yearly exhibitions and garment fairs – one of the leading events in the Indian garment industry, to provide an international level platform to the garment industry members, with an added advantage of discounts and fair promotion. Our fairs provide an excellent opportunity for garment manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, traders, and retail chains to display their products and meet potential buyers/suppliers through networking. We also participate in apparel and garment fairs across India, including the ones organized by the Gujrat Garments Manufacturers Association (GGMA), Readymade Garments Merchants Association(REGMA), and India International Garment Fair (IIGF).

Lucky draw

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We conduct yearly lucky draws to promote the export industry. Cars – Mercedes, Audi, international trips, scooters, and bikes are just some of the items that participants/customers can win. The latest lucky draw gave away trips to Paris and Switzerland.

Business motivational seminar

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Business development and business motivational seminars are organised to give retailers, suppliers, and wholesalers awareness about different aspects of business and factors that can make them successful. They learn how to increase their profits, control their inventories, boost their sales, handle COVID-19 related business challenges, and use digital technologies to their advantage. Our motivational seminars have had the pleasure of reputed speakers such as Vivek Bindra and Shiv Khera.

Employee motivational events

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Saraogi super sales strongly believe that happy employees are key to satisfied customers. Therefore, to boost employee confidence, increase their morale, and make them feel valued, Saraogi super sales organise employee motivational events. Rewards, incentives, and recognitions are announced to motivate the employees and ensure that they keep up the excellent work.

Domestic tours

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Saraogi super sales organise domestic tours across the major Indian cities and regions such as Goa, Mumbai, Lonavala, Khandala, Alibagh, to promote the garment sector. Such tours serve as a token of goodwill for our top customers and show the value we place in our relationships with them.

International tours

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SSS organises international trips yearly for customers and partners and has been doing so for the last ten years. Our international tours have covered top destinations such as Thailand, Gangtok, Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, St. Petersburg, Melbourne.